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Essay: A Village Fair

A village Fair

A Village Fair

(Introduction, Location, Arrangement of shops, Attractions, It’s utility, Demerits, Conclusion)

A village fair is a very ancient event in the villages of Bangladesh. Most of the villagers work and earn their livelihood in the village. Their life is monotonous. They feel the want of amusement and recreation. The village fair partially helps the villagers meet this want. Here some people come to buy things. Others come to sell things. In a word, a village fair is the mirror for the villagers.

It sits in an open field or on the bank of a river. It lasts for a day, a week or for a fortnight. It is held on the Bengali New Year's day or the last day of the year and in the occasion of some festivals.

All classes of the village people come to a village fair to enjoy their time. They exchange their feelings of the fair.

Temporary stalls are installed on the site of the fair. Things of daily such as wooden utensils, earthen pots and jars, bamboo-made or cane made baskets, house-hold goods, baskets etc. are bought and sold here. Small traders bring various clothes, toys, dolls, balloons, ready-made garments and other useful things. Some sell sweetmeats. Girls come to buy bathsoaps, snow-powder, looking glasses, combs, ribbons etc.

There are different kinds of amusements. Travelling jatra parties, circus parties, nagardola attract the spectators. In a huge pandal, cinema parties show pictures to the people. Snake-charmers and magicians show different technique. There is a great rush of people there.

Sometimes gambling is allowed in the fair. It ruins the simple and innocent people. Moreover, obscene dances are also performed.

It encourages the villagers to improve their cottage industries and handicrafts. It brings enjoyment, recreation and refreshment to the villagers.

The life of the villagers is usually dull & monotonous. Once a year the fair breaks the monotony & adds joy to their tife. It creates a ripple of joy all around. Therefore, the Government should encourage the fairs under careful management.

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