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Paragraph: Responsibility


Responsibility is a duty, or an obligation to perform or to stay away from something. It is related with others. We have responsibilities towards family, society as well as our nation. For instance, we have to take care of our parents in their old age, to attend school and prosecute our studies properly and so on. It is the responsibility towards family. Again, it is our responsibility to help out our neighbor in their troubles. It is our prime duty to cast vote if we are 18 years old or over. We also have the responsibilities towards society and government. Apart from this, we have to avoid something which are illegal. For example, we've the responsibility not to steal a book from a public library or not to put building material on the footpath. These are the responsibilities as citizens. Thus, we play different roles of responsibility. The govt. also has the responsibility to citizens. The govt. also has the responsibility to protect the fundamental rights of its citizens such as freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, equality of all before law etc. Indeed, a responsibility means a state of being responsible for our own interest as well as the interest of others. Our learning at home, at school and in society helps us to accept responsibility and to perform them effectively. Discharging responsibilities are good for ours, family, society and for the country on the whole. So, everyone should be conscious about their respective responsibilities.


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