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Essay: A Village Market

A Village Market

A village market is nothing but a shopping centre for the villagers. The villagers assemble to buy and sell things of their daily necessaries of life. So to speak, it is a great noisy place. Indeed, a village market is the heart for the villagers.

A village market is generally situated by the side of a river or a canal or a big road.

There are two kinds of village markets. One is daily market which is held in the forenoon and the other is periodic market which is held once or twice a week in the afternoon.

A village market is divided into three sections-open space, temporary sheds and permanent sheds. In the open space vegetables, rice, fish, milk, fruits, betel-nuts and other perishable goods are sold. In the temporary sheds the grocers sit to sell various kinds of things such as oil, salt, pepper, cloves, spices and other stationery goods. In the permanent sheds cloths, wheat, pulse, flour, sugar, fried rice, gur, ghee, stationery commodities, medicine etc. are kept ready for sale. Of all the sheds, the fish shed remains over crowded. It is noisy. Goats and Cattle are also sold in the village market.

A village market is an important place for the villagers. People from far and near come to the village market to sell and buy things. It serves as a meeting place for the villagers and they also get news and views from here.

There is no fixed price of articles here. There is much bargaining over prices of merchandise. There is a hue and cry in the market. Sometimes, villagers quarrel over trifling matter.

A village market is the main centre of economic activity of the villagers. Thus it bears a vital importance in the life of the villagers Moreover, the Government and the local authorities should try to improve it.

Village Market

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