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Paragraph: Man and Climate

Man and Climate

Climate is a long term look in weather patterns. It is noticeable that the world's climate is undergoing a radical change. The temperature of the world is increasing day by day. It is because of increased amount of carbon dioxide around the earth.

And man is greatly responsible for this. The main factor of the increase in carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels. Since the start of industrial revolution, a large number of factories have been set up. These factories require energy which is produced through the combustion of coal. Besides coal, other sources of energy such as mineral oil and natural gas are also burnt for various purposes. And every time a fossil raw material is burnt which emits carbon dioxide into the air. In addition, there are more greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrious oxide. These gases are also increasing in pace with carbon dioxide. Today, population is increasing at a high rate. Therefore, every year enormous number of forests is destroyed by people for habitation and settlement. This loss of forests causes severe harm to atmosphere releasing a huge amount of Co2 into the air. Thus, human activities are destroying the composition of atmosphere. In order to control the increase of greenhouse gases and its catastrophic impact, we have to take massive programmes for planting trees and avoid cutting of trees and reduce the use of fossil fuels. Afterwards, we shall be able to turn the world into a secure place for living.

Man and Climate

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