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A Journey By Boat: English Composition

A Journey By Boat: English Composition

Write an essay about A Journey By Boat. A Journey By Boat boat was a common way to go any where in old Bangladesh. But now a days A Journey By Boat is rarely seen. Now A Journey By Boat is only found in examination paper. Student search A Journey By Boat to learn. Here under we wrote a composition about A Journey By Boat.

A Journey By Boat

(Introduction, Occasion, Description, Destination, Conclusion)

B(caps)angladesh is a riverine country. These rivers give us ample opportunity for a journey by boat. In some respects, journey by boat is more pleasant than a train journey. Whenever I get a chance, I avail of it and enjoy a journey by boat.

During the last autumn vacation, I went by boat to the village home of a friend. My friend's house is situated on the bank of the river Karnafully named Charandwip.

We were five in number. We took a guitar and a Yashica Camera. We took some light food too. We hired a boat with one manjhee and two oarsmen. Taking breakfast, we started 8 a.m. It was a fine morning. A gentle breeze was blowing. The river was calm. There were ripples in the river. When we were in middle of the river, we saw many beautiful sights on both sides of the river. We took the snaps of corn fields. We saw many boats and steamers plying to and fro on the river. We saw many ships sometimes we met trawlers. There were fishermen's boats with nets spread in water.

The river was full to the brim. The murmuring sound of the river charmed us. We saw some bathing ghats. Men and women were bathing and children were swimming and splashing in the water. In the mean time, one of my friends played on his guitar. Birds of various kinds were flying then. All these sights created a profound impression on our minds.

The manjhee began to sing 'Bhatiali song.' The sun was setting. It was evening. But the river became loveliest in the evening when the waves danced and sparkled under the crimson rays of setting sun. We recalled the poetic line of Keats-

"The day so soon has glided by,

Even like the passage of an angel's tear"

At 7 p.m. we reached the ghat. My friend came to the ghat to receive us. At about 8 o'clock we reached his house.

Indeed, the journey by boat is pleasant and thrilling. Such journey refreshes our mind and provides us joy and pleasure. It removes our monotony and widens our knowledge. However, our journey by boat came to a happy end. It will be always memorable to me.

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