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A Paragraph About Climate Change

A Paragraph About Climate Change

Climate Change is most warning issue in the world. In the many competitive examination Climate Change is selected for a paragraph. We tried here to write a paragraph about Climate Change. 

Write a Paragraph about Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change is a significant change in weather patterns lasting for an extended period of time. It is caused due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. There are mainly two causes which are responsible for climate change. These are natural and manmade. The natural causes are solar radiation, orbital radiation, volcanic eruption etc. Human activities are largely responsible for climate change. As population is increasing rapidly worldwide, additional people are destroying forests at random. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide increases. This affects the climate severely. Carbon dioxide acts like a blanket trapping heat in the atmosphere and causing global warming. Besides, use of CFCS and other poisonous chemicals in industries increases earth's average temperature. This contributes to global warming.

So, now the ice caps are melting which are causing rise in sea-levels. That's why, floods, droughts and other natural calamities hit more frequently now-a-days. Different species of animals are facing the threat of extinction. In order to protect ourselves from its devastating impact, we must take some effective measures. We must prevent deforestation. We've to take massive programmes for plantation trees all over the world. And necessary steps should be taken to put an end to the causes and sources of emitting carbon dioxide and other venomous gases in the atmosphere. Thus, we can save the earth from the catastrophic impact of climate change.

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