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A Paragraph about The land of Everest

A Paragraph about The land of Everest

The land of Everest is called Nepal. Many times questioners as about The land of Everest in the examination hall. There we tried to write a paragraph about the land of Everest. 

Write a Paragraph about The land of Everest. 

The land of Everest

Nepal, known as the land of Everest, is one of the most enchanting countries in Asia and the only Hindu kingdom in the world. It is a small land of sublime scenery. It is rich in scenic luxury and cultural treasure. Nepal is situated between India and he Tibetan part of China. The country covers an area of 1,47,181 square kilometers. It is divided into 3 main regions. One is the central hill-lands which is formed by beautiful valleys like Kathmandu, Pokhara valley. The Kathmandu valley is the rich cultural heritage centre of Nepal and 7 religious monuments zones situated within the valley have been named as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Another region is Himalayan range which some of the highest peaks of the world including Everest.

The birth of lord Buddha, the activator of world peace, makes this place a sacred pilgrimage destination. Nepal is populated with 29,000,000 people. The population has a variety of ethnic groups each with its distinct identity. The country is the meeting place two religions Hinduism & Buddhism. Nepal is rich in cultural treasures. Many festivals add dazzling colour to Nepal's vivacious culture which are observed throughout the year. Among these, Dasain is the most important of all Nepalese celebration.

There are some Hindu festivals as well as Buddhist celebrations. In short, we can say that Nepal is a combination of natural beauty, shining mountains, religious tradition and cultural heritage.

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