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HSC assignment 2022 || English 1st paper

HSC assignment 2022

Writing A Speech 

Assignment title: Writing A speech

My dearest brothers and sisters,

Take my greetings I, Shimul, am the son of this soil and of a brave freedom fighter. I am an advocate, but now I want to be the advocate of democracy.

I know you all are anxious, anxious about your life, anxious about your living, anxious about your safety and also anxious about your city. The things that are going on in our city are not right. Normal people cannot sleep easily at night because of anarchy and crimes. Even, the city life facilities are not up to the mark. The roads, waste management, Medical, playgrounds, schools, college, bus and launch terminals are in the deep water of mismanagement. Moreover, the pandemic condition is also very serious in our locality. It is like pouring water on a drowned mouse.

The things done by the previous Mayor, Mr Ariful Islam, are now known and visible to all. In fact, ACC (Anti - corruption commission) has several reports and cases against him about his tender manipulation and he also has a gang and torture cell to suppress the people who raise voices against them. My dear brothers and sisters, please tell me honestly do we really need a mayor like him again? Will you longer your sleepless nights?

You all know my dear friends that as a son of this soil and a son of a brave freedom fighter I have been doing and raising my voice against all the inconsistency in society and about the misdoings of the mayor. But whenever I have tried, the men of the ruling mayor used force on me and my people. They wanted to keep us down.

My dear friends,

After watching my hard work, you all asked me to be the mayor of this city. But I want it to state clearly that I do not want the mayor’s office or the seat, I want you all to have your rights and the proper comfort of citizenship.

So dear brothers and sisters, let's make the ballots mightier than the bullets and fire them on the right occasion and against the wrong person.

Long live Bengal, long live democracy.

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