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Paragraph: A Good Citizen

A Good Citizen

A good citizen is nothing but a valuable asset for a nation. He is a person who properly fulfils his duties and responsibilities as a citizen. He lives in society with peace and harmony with fellow citizens. He never involves in quarrelling with others. He never treats others. In fact, he is well-mannered and pleasant. He is kind and sympathetic towards others. He helps the poor and the needy. He doesn't harm others in anyway. He is clean in his deeds, words and thoughts. He loves his country from the core of his heart and works for the welfare and glory of his country. He obeys laws and orders strictly. He keeps himself aloof from anti social activities like corruption. He is progressive in his outlook and keeps pace with the changing situation of the world. In order to prepare oneself as a good citizen, proper education is a must Because only the light of education he can bring about a positive change in one's behaviour, attitude and thought which can help one to become a good citizen. A good citizen is a blessing to society and nation. So we all must try to become a good citizen. Besides, the govt should take effective steps to form a good education system which will be morally creative & suitable according to the age and mentality of the students.

A good citizen

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