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Essay: Discipline


(Introduction, Discipline in the nature, Importance, How to learn, License and freedom, Conclusion)

We act according to certain rules and principles at all educational the habit of action according to some rules and regulations. To institutions, at home, in public life and everywhere. Discipline is abide by these rules and regulations perfectly everywhere may be called discipline. The word 'discipline' is derived from the Latin word 'DISCIPULUS' which means disciple. It has also another Latin origin 'DISCERE' which means to learn.

A society without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. The whole universe governed by strict laws. The sun, the moon, the earth and the planets move according to certain laws. Had there been no discipline, in nature, the world would have been destroyed.

Discipline is of great importance in every sphere of life. We can not prosper in this world without it. The peace or happiness of a family depends on the disciplined conduct of its members. In childhood, we do not know what is good for us. If we do as we like, there will be disorder and chaos in the society. Consequently, we shall be ruined, A nation can not rise if the people do not understand the value of discipline. If there is no discipline in the schools, colleges, universities, we can not learn our lessons well. Discipline is an essential condition for the progress of national life as well as human civilization.

We must first learn the lesson of discipline at home. The younger one should follow the elders. The educational institutions teach dis-cipline. The students must listen to the teachers in the classroom. In the battle field, every soldier must obey the commander. It can also be learnt in the play ground. All the players must obey the captain.

Discipline implies freedom but not licence. In the society, one can not do whatever one likes. If he does so, freedom becomes licence. Obedience to rules does not make a person slave, it makes it possible for him to enjoy freedom.

Thus, we find that discipline is necessary in every walk of life. Indeed, it is the backbone of character. Those who try to bring us under discipline are our friends. Those who allow us to do what we like are our enemies. So, we should follow (cultivate) the rules of discipline from the very beginning of our life.


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