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Essay: Value of Time

Value of Time

(Introduction, Proper use of time, Bad effects of wasting time. The life of great men, Conclusion)

Our life is nothing but a collection of moments. So every moment of our life is very precious. Life is very short but uncertain. We do not know when we shall die. Within the short period, we are to build-up our life.

In order to make good use of time, we must follow a routine for work strictly. We know that the secret of success in life lies in the proper use of time. In our student life, we should be very much careful about the use of time. According to the poet

Time you old gipsy man,

Will you not stay?

Put up your caravan,

Just for one day?

(Time, You Old Gipsy Man / Ralph Hodgson)

Time flies fast. It never stops. That is, time once lost is lost for ever. If a student spoils time through evil company, he must suffer in the long run. The duties and responsibilities of students must be done in student life. These can not be done in old age. It will help us to reach the goal. Active and conscious people know the value of time. They do not waste their time in vain. As a result, they become successful in life.

An idle brain is the devil's workshop. If we waste our time in idleness, all sorts of evil thoughts will come to our mind. Besides, people become unhealthy if they remain idle all the time. Idle people can not achieve anything. They are nuisance to the society.

If we study the life of the great men of the world, we find that they made proper use of time. The life of the great prophet, the saints, the political leaders and social leaders teach us to make right use of time. By following their examples, we may also be able to prosper in life in future.

As we are the best creation of God, we should not neglect time. If we neglect our time, it makes our life barren like the desert. If we fail to perform our duties in proper time, we shall be liable to our next generation. Their future, of course, depends on how we utilize our time. In fact, proper utilization of time brings not only money but also peace, happiness and prosperity. Therefore, we should utilize time properly in every sphere of life.

Value of time

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