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Essay: Newspaper


(Introduction, Kinds/Varieties, History, Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages, Conclusion)

Newspaper is one of the greatest inventions of modern age. Indeed, the newspaper has now-a-days become part and parcel of our daily life. It gives us news of what happens daily at home and abroad. It is said to be the mirror of the world. The word "News" was formed with the first letters of the words North, East, West and South.

Newspaper are of various kinds. They are dailies, biweeklies, monthlies and even quarterlies. Others are known as periodicals and magazines. They contain present news and views, stories, poems, essays, novels and dramas. The important dailies of Bangladesh are The Bangladesh Times, The Bangladesh Observer, The Dainik Ittefaq, The Dainik Sangbad, The Dainik Bangla, The Dainik Purbakone, The Dainik Azadi etc.

Newspaper was first published in China. The 'India Gazette' was published in 1774 in this sub-continent. Christian Missionaries published the first newspaper named 'Samachar Darpan' in Bangla. Now-a-days innumerable newspapers are published all over the world.

Newspapers exercise great influence on modern life. A modern newspaper supplies us with information about every sphere of human activity such as politics, society, education, science, discoveries, economic problems, business matters, theatre, radio, cinema, television and sports. It also contains advertisements. Newspapers supply us with news. We are interested to know what is going on in the world. We can know this by reading the newspaper. It gives us all sorts of news of our own country as well as of foreign countries. It also helps us to acquire general knowledge which is essential for our education.

The newspaper has made the world smaller. It enables us to know manners and customs of the people all over the world and creates brotherhood among us.

Sometimes newspapers can do harm to us. Some newspapers are party papers. They sometimes publish false news. This false news misleads the people and create havoc to national unity.

We cannot think even for a moment of our modern life without newspapers. It is the educator of the people. So, to speak, it is a great blessing of modern civilization. So, we should read news- papers regularly. It is called the store house of knowledge.


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