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Paragraph: Pastimes


Pastimes refer to the period when a man is free from his routine works and can enjoy the time at his own will. It gives us a lot of pleasure and new vigour for work. Pastimes vary from person to person, culture to culture and place to place. In villages, people usually spend their pastimes by gossiping and by doing various socio-cultural activities. Village boys and children spend that time in playing different kinds of rural games like Ha-du-du, fishing, boat racing etc. The village women and girls stay at home and spend their pastimes by chatting, sewing and embroidering. The people in cities are generally educated and so they spend their time in reading books, novels, magazines, newspapers and so on. The young section spend their pastime playing cricket, football, operating computer, internet and watching T.V. Some people find pleasure visiting friends and relatives. Nowadays television, satellite telecasting and multimedia phone have reached at almost everywhere of the country. So, today most of the people enjoy their pastime by watching T.V, enjoying multimedia phone. Moreover, still some people want to enjoy their pastime by traveling different places. Finally, we can say that pastime provides us with the opportunities of recreation and enjoyment. Indeed, pastime plays a significant role in our life.


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