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Essay: Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

(Introduction, Time of Exercise, Kinds of physical exercise, Importance, Merits, Demerits, Conclusion)

Physical exercise means the movement of the various parts of our body. When we work only to exercise our limbs, we call it physical exercise. Physical exercise is necessary for those who work more with their brain than with their hands.

Physical exercise cannot be irregular. It has a time table to be morning and in the evening. The fresh air refreshes our mind and body. It followed strictly. Physical exercise should be taken in the is bad to take exercise after taking meals.

There are different forms of physical exercise. Different kinds of games such as ha-du-du, football, cricket, hockey, badminton etc. are very ideal exercises. Walking, running, jogging, playing, swimming, riding and gymnastics are considered good exercises. But all kinds of exercise are not suitable for all persons.

There is a close connection between human mind and the body. If the body is healthy, the mind also becomes sound. A sound mind in a sound body is a source of happiness. A man who has got a sound body is happy. He is cheerful. He can enjoy life perfectly. He is always hopeful. On the contrary, an unhealthy man cannot enjoy his life. Life becomes a burden to him. He may have wealth, but he is deprived of all joys and pleasures of life. He is very unfortunate. He lives an unhappy life and ultimately dies an unhappy death. In a word, physical exercise acts as a medicine for health.

Physical exercise improves our health. It develops our mental faculty. It makes our muscles strong and the body active. It also improves our power of digestion. In fact, one can enjoy a disease-free sound life.

We should remember that it does harm to us sometimes. Over exercise on the other hand, is bad for our health.

Everyone should bear in mind that 'health is wealth'. Physical exercise is necessary to build a nation. If we want to live peacefully, we must build both our body and mind together. We can then prosper in this world and live happily. In a word, we can say that health is the root of all happiness.

Essay: Physical Exercise

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