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Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw puller is common sight in the street of every city in Bangladesh. He can be seen at the bus stand, railway station and at every crossing. Generally a rickshaw puller is a poor man. He toils hard for the whole day, from morning till late night. His life is hard. He earns his livelihood by driving a rickshaw.

He pulls the rickshaw in scorching sun, at chill winter nights and even in heavy rains. He is a useful member of our society.He is not a beggar but we must do something to improve his lot. He seldom owns the rickshaw he pulls. He has to give a considerable part of his earnings to the owner of the rickshaw. So, the authorities should give him soft loan to buy his own rickshaw. He must be given a fair deal. Not more than two persons should sit at one time in his rickshaw. He should be given a fair fare for his services as a connector. For a nominal premium his life should be insured. He should be  protected from the wrath of the police. The Municipal authorities must issue him a proper licence to carry on his job. Schemes should be framed to wean him away from this profession. Above all, the design of the rickshaw should be improved so that he is required to use minimum of his physical strength to pull the rickshaw. We must treat him as a useful member of the society.

Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

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