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Paragraph on Air Pollution

Air Pollution

When people think of air pollution, most immediately picture heavy smog drifting over cities and industrial plants. This is the first and most evident form of air pollution, but it’s not the only one. Let’s begin today’s discussion by defining the term air pollution at a broader level.

Air pollution in its most basic definition is the introduction of harmful substances into the Earth’s atmosphere. These substances linger and cause many adverse effects. As we know, humans and other living creatures rely on the atmosphere for respiration. When air quality is dampened by pollution, immediate and longer term consequences take place. In addition, air pollution creates an imbalance in the natural gases that make up our Earth’s atmosphere. These imbalances slowly aid in the depletion of the Ozone layer, an essential region of the stratosphere that soaks up most of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Pollution of the air affects the air that humans and all other life forms breathe.  People around the world are suffering from respiratory and cardiac problems, and diseases such as cancer affecting other organs of the body too. Millions of people die each year around the world due to air pollution. To protect our health from air pollution, proper measures should be taken. If not, national health can never be saved. Our joint efforts and consciousness can prevent air pollution.

Paragraph on Air Pollution

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