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A Paragraph about Renewable Energy

A Paragraph about Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is most important in the current world. Most of examinee search for a paragraph about Renewable Energy in online. We tried to write a paragraph about Renewable Energy.

Write a paragraph about Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy

Energy sources are divided into two categories depending upon the availability of them. One is renewable and the other is non-renewable energy. Renewable energy is such kind of energy which is constantly found and naturally replenished and can never be extinct. That is, it is inexhaustible. This kind of energy doesn't harm the environment. In fact, it helps to keep the environment clean and pollution free. Solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen, ocean energy etc are the sources of renewable energy. Solar energy uses sunlight which can be used for heating and lighting homes, for generating electricity and for other commercial and industrial purposes. The heat caused by the sun drives the wind and this ‘wind energy' can produce electricity.

Biomass is another source of renewable energy. Crops, plants, industrial agricultural waste etc. are the sources of biomass. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in nature but it is rarely alone. It is always combined with other elements. But after being separated, it can be used to power up homes, vehicles, space rockets etc. Besides, Ocean's force of wave and tide have enormous potential to produce energy. They are known as Ocean energy' Thus, different sources of renewable energy can reduce our reliance on exhaustible energy to a great extent and secure the energy demands of our future.

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