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A paragraph about Human Roots

A paragraph about Human Roots

Many students search for a paragraph about Human Roots in online. We tried to write a best paragraph about Human Roots. Please, read the paragraph about Human Roots and edit by your won knowledge, it's full free text for students. 

Write a paragraph about Human Roots

Human Roots

Human roots mean one's personal identification. Human roots are unlike tree roots but there is a similarity. The roots of trees remain beneath the earth which are invisible from outside. The roots of human beings are invisible too. They consist in our minds. That is, we nurture our roots in our minds. It is the roots that make a bond between us and our family members, in-laws, friends, neighbours or the land where we were born and grew up. It means our families, land of birth, relatives, culture traditions etc are our roots.

In various occasions or events, we feel the need to visit our birthplace, near and dear ones if we stay outside the residence. It is the pull of the roots. These roots develop our identity making what we are. When they lose that bond, they become rootless. These rootless persons are a non-entity. These persons are devoid of values, humanity and social responsibilities. They do not know where they're from and where they are heading towards. So to speak, they do not have their own identity which makes them Teel desolate and abandoned. So, as a human being, we should never forget our roots.

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