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A paragraph about The Shat Gambuj Mosque

A paragraph about The Shat Gambuj Mosque is most important for all kind of examination. Here we tried to write a paragraph about The Shat Gambuj Mosque.

A paragraph about The Shat Gambuj Mosque

Write a paragraph about The Shat Gambuj Mosque

The Shat Gambuj Mosque

The Shat Gambuj Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the most impressive muslim monument in Bangladesh. It is located in Bagerhat, on the edge of the Sundarbans. In the 15th century. It was founded by a Turkish saint named Ulugh Khan Jahan A during the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah. The mosque is the combination of Turkish and Mughal architecture. It is the largest multidomed mosque of Bangladesh. It is 160 feet long and 108 feet wide. It has sixty pillars which support 77 low height domes. The 4 towers at 4 corners have smaller domes on the roof as well. The vast prayer hall has 11 arched doorways on the east and 7 each on the north and south for light & ventilation. It has 7 aisles and 11 deep curves between the slender stone columns.

The interior western wall is beautifully adorned. The wall has 11 'mihrabs' which are designed with terracotta and stone. The floor of the mosque is made of brick. Khan Jahan Ali used the mosque both as a prayer hall and as his court. Today it is one of the greatest tourist attractions as well as one of the best architectural beauties of Bangladesh bearing the signature of 15 century.

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