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Write an Essay about A Journey By Train

Write an Essay about A Journey By Train

Write a composition about A Journey By TrainA Journey By Train essay should not be more than 260 word. A Journey By Train is important for all examination. 

Ans: Here is written a composition about A Journey by train below.

A Journey By Train

(Introduction, Occasion, Scene at the station, Description, Destination, Conclusion)

Journey by train is the most common thing in our ultra modern civilization. It is also an enjoyable experience. Indeed journey is always a pleasure to me. Whenever I go on a journey, my heart is filled with joy. But my greatest pleasure is a journey by train. It is ever exciting.

During the last autumn vacation, our school was closed for ten days. My uncle lives in Sylhet. He came home on leave. I requested him to take me to Sylhet. He agreed at this. My heart danced with joy to hear this because I always like a journey by train. The day was fixed. We reached the station in time and bought two tickets. The train was not yet in. The whole platform was a scene of great confusion and noise. It was crowded with passengers. Some were sitting near their luggages. Some were moving about Rickshaws, motor cars and other conveyances were coming to the station with passengers. Coolies were running behind them. Vendors were crying out loudly to sell their goods. Then the train came in. We got into the second class compartment. We occupied two comfortable seats in the compartment.

The time for the departure of the train was drawing near. Soon the warning bell rang. Just at 9.00 a.m. the second bell rang. The guard whistled and waved his flag. Then the train whistled loudly and slowly moved on. We now felt a great relief. My mind was full of joy. I looked outside through the window. The train ran at moderate speed. Then it crossed a bridge over a river with a clattering noise. Inside the train, the passengers were talking and hawkers were selling their goods. But outside there was beauty of nature all around. I was thrilled to see the vast paddy fields. It was a great fun to see houses and trees slip backwards from the moving train. Sometimes the train stopped at railway stations. The passengers got down and got into. Then the train started and passed through some villages. I saw the people doing something. All these things charmed me greatly.

At about 5.00 p.m. we reached our destination. Then we alighted from the train & went out of the station. My uncle's private car was waiting for us. We got into the car and reached my uncle's house in a few minutes.

I enjoyed the journey pleasure. It was really memory of this journey. most. The journey gave me immense interesting. I shall never forget sweet memory of this journey.

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