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Dialogue between two friends on The Proper Use of Time

Dialogue between two friends on The Proper Use of Time

Dialogue between two friends on The Proper Use of Time

Question: Suppose you are Masum and your friend is Sabbir who does not prepare his lesson in time. Very often he wastes his time watching TV. So, he always cuts a sorry figure in the examination. Now write a dialogue between you and your friendabout the proper use of time.

Shimul: Hello Faruque, how are you and what about your study?

Faruque: I am quit fine, but I am worried about my studies.. How are You?

Shimul: I am not bad. Thank you. But Worried, For What?

Faruque: I always cut a sorry figure in the examination.

Shimul: Oh! I see. Can you share what wrong happened with you?

Faruque:  Sure. But I noticed that you’ve always been on top in your exams. What is the secret of your brilliant results?

Shimul: There is no secret but hard work. You have to study regularly.

Faruque: Yes, I got the point. I read seriously when the exam approaches.

Shimul: Most students do that. There are certain things you must do if you want good results.

Faruque: Please, can you tell me about those things? later I will do so.

Shimul: Certainly. You must proper use of time. You should make a daily routine and have to maintain that. By the way, do you put off your work for tomorrow?

Faruque: Yes, very certainly, I do.

Shimul: That’s the wrong with you. You must read seriously from the beginning of the session.

Faruque: I am realizing what is my fault. I never use my time in proper use. I will do that from now. Anything more?

Shimul: Don’t waste time in idleness. Do you watch TV or mobile phone always?

Faruque: Yes, I do. Watching TV and Mobile have become a habit with me.

Shimul: Most of the young boys and girls do that. You must not waste your time by watching TV and mobile.

Faruque: I will follow your advice. I will keep contact with you in future. 

Shimul: It’s a pleasure for me. You must remember that lost time never comes back.

Faruque: Sure.

Shimul: That’s good. Remember that success in life depends on the proper use of time.

Faruque: Thanks a lot Shimul. You’ve been very helpful.

Shimul: You are welcome. It was nice speaking to you.

Dialogue between two friends on The Proper Use of Time

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